Kleine Zalze is situated just three kilometers outside of Stellenbosch, South Africa.

Located on a variety of slopes, soils and aspects, the vineyards that bear the fruit for the Kleine Zalze range of wines are exposed to fresh ocean breezes from the coast, which lies a mere 15 kilometers away. This cool climate yields delicate flavours whilst at the same time providing optimal growing and ripening conditions to our fruit.

From an environmental perspective, the development of Kleine Zalze and the adjoining De Zalze Golf Estate were subject to a clause that the environmental conditions and the value of the land would have to be enhanced.


This condition was turned into reality through Kleine Zalze’s undertaking of turning previously undeveloped soils into productive agricultural land. Intensive soil preparation preceded the planting of new vineyards, which today yield high quality inputs into Kleine Zalze’s wines.

Also as part of the development, a “green trust” was formed in conjunction with De Zalze Golf Estate, which involves environmental programmes on the two properties.Kleine Zalze complies with the internationally recognised Integrated Production of Wine (IPW) scheme.


The scheme certifies that our grapes and wine are produced according to environmentally sustainable production methods. Compliance with the IPW guidelines assures the buyer and consumer that the production process was environmentally sustainable and that the minimum food safety requirements have been met.

Kleine Zalze also actively supports local charities and organisations that are involved in community upliftment.