The Kleine Zalze Restaurant offers a new holistic and integrated food and wine experience for the summer months. Both the restaurant and wine tasting centre put enormous effort into staff training to ensure strict compliance with all of the latest Covid-19 hygiene protocols. Well-known and respected chef Nic van Wyk was brought in to lead and assist the team as culinary consultant. “The food I like to cook is quite timeless,” says Van Wyk. “My approach has always been about being honest, authentic and generous in my cooking. That is what we offer at the Kleine Zalze Restaurant. Not necessarily fine dining but certainly top-quality delicious food.” The menu at the Kleine Zalze Restaurant will change regularly to offer a compact selection of plats du jour; a collection of delicious dishes inspired by classic cuisine. Alongside the plats du jour Van Wyk has also created a small selection of tapas plates, perfectly pitched for a lighter meal at the restaurant or to complement a wine tasting.

The serene atmosphere is ideal for the enjoyment of fine food and excellent wine.

Guests at Kleine Zalze